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The present

We decided on a pedigree that will suit our preferred style of Malamute. One with genetic soundness that you cannot ignore. The famous lines of Tonopaw, Wolfmountain, Terraglo Glenhaven and Polker Flats are the lines we wish to begin our breeding program with. Here at Icemile, we believe in line breedings with an occasional outcross from a sire that has phenotype*. We will only breed for ourselves, which means that we breed when we require another show dog/working dog. Therefore we aim to keep a limited number of Malamutes in our back yard, so that we can provide them with all the love and attention they truly deserve. Our first breeding was in the winter of 2007 with our second litter in 2008 which produced Faith. We hope to breed Faith in the winter of 2010. We will be breeding with dogs that have the various health clearances including AMCA ChD certification and wonderful working temperaments.

* Phenotype: possesses similar physical characteristics/appearance, but not from the same gene pool.

More information on AMCA ChD Certification.


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