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Activities you can do with your Malamute

Weightpull: With a specially designed harness, Alaskan Malamutes attempt to pull as much weight as they can. A single Alaskan Malamute can pull as much as 1.5 tonnes.

Sledding: The lack of snow in Australia doesn't stop us from enjoying this activity. Wheeled rigs in place of sleighs make this sport available to Australians in the winter months.

Showing: For those of you less active, Dog Showing is another great way to spend time with your Malamutes. This activity is availble all year round and is a great way of making new friends.

Backpacking: Have the need to go camping? Load your Malamute up with essentials, like food and water; take a hike along one of the many beautiful Australian bushwalking tracks and settle down for a nice picnic delivered by your trusty Malamute.

Obedience: If your are looking for a challenge, obedience with a Malamute is for you. Malamutes are very intelligent but are often accused of being dumb because of their reluctance to do what their owners want them to do. Don't be fooled. The reason a Malamute doesn't do what it is asked is not through their dim-wittedness but simply because the Malamute may not WANT to do what it is being asked. Although they are not as common in the Obedience ring as the Labrador or German Shepherd, there have been some very successful Malamutes in the Obedience Ring.

Loving your Malamute: The best activity of all is loving your Malamute. The unconditional love that a Malamute will return is the best reward. By understanding your Malamute you will grow an even stronger bond with your family pet.

For more information on any of these activities, visit the Alaskan Malamute Club of NSW website.

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