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***** NEWSFLASH *****     Mojo is now a proud dad of 7 puppies. Mojo's page


~ Good Friday is Great Friday at Icemile ~
  Good Friday was a great Friday for Mojo and his owners, Olivia and Daniel. News was received at 10:30am that Riva had delivered her first puppy - Soon after, Riva had delivered two more in quick succession but the fourth puppy taking his time to arrive. More than 2 and a half hours later, the fourth and fifth puppies came within 10 minutes of each other and Riva had her work cut out for her. While getting organised for a well earned cup of coffee, Riva's owners heard another little squeal and Riva's sixth healthy puppy was being delivered. At the end of a long day, the last puppy was delivered leaving Riva with 7 puppies -
4 boys, 3 girls - 2 of them grey and 5 black and white. Riva has proven herself to be a very good mother, getting to work on each puppy right away and making sure they were comfortable. Riva is the callname of Aust. Champion Koolrunnings Riva Phenix. She was bred by Catherine Loft, and is owned and loved by John and Pamella Bloxham*. "This is Mojo's first attempt as a sire and we are eagerly waiting to see how they turn out", said Daniel while visiting the newborns. "Both parents have good, sound structure and this should be the prevailing quality in these puppies", he added. Three days on, Riva and the puppies are well, and John and Pamela are excited about their new role as foster parents to seven adorable puppies.

Left: Aust. Ch. Koolrunnings Riva Pheonix, "Riva" in show stance
Above: Aust Ch. Bordalaska Braveheart, "Mojo" after getting RunnerUp to Best in Group at Castle Hill

* For enquiries on this litter, please email John and Pamella Bloxham

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