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New The photo gallery has been updated with a new album. Here you will see pictures of the Icemile Family.

Beyoncé, the New Addition at Icemile
On Sunday 6th June, Beyoncé made Icemile her new home and we could not be happier. Mojo and Satinka have been showering her with the love and affection for which a Malamute is renowned and in the space of one week they have become inseperable.
Many thanks to Catherine Loft of Koolrunnings for trusting us with Beyoncé, a product of the planned mating between Breaker (Ch. Koolrunning Make N Waves) and U.S. import, Chevy (Ch. WolfMt Koolrunnings Ms Chievous). After three years of searching for our third Malamute and our foundation breeding bitch, we finally decided that the combination of Terraglo and WolfMountain pedigrees introduced to Australia by Koolrunnings was the best way to begin our breeding program. We travelled to America in November 2002 to get a closer look at the Malamutes that make up some of the pedigrees here in Australia. Coincidentally, Catherine Loft was also in attendance at the 2002 National Specialty in Sacramento. It was then that our relationship began. Catherine introduced us to Terry and Gloria of Terraglo, Pat Jenkins of WolfMountain and their wonderful array of Malamutes on show. Nearly two years later, Catherine was able to offer us a foundation breeding bitch for which we are eternally grateful.

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