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TODAY'S WEATHER: A damn fine day for running your Mal.
ISSUE 8: 30 JUNE 2005
(Saturday 25 June, 2005) - Mojo joined housemate, Satinka in Icemile's growing list of Working Titled Dogs. Running with new partner, Beyonce, Mojo worked tirelessly for 6.4 km (4 miles) to gain his last qualifying leg towards the AMCNSW Inc. Title of "Working Team Dog"*.
This achievement means a lot say owners, Dan and Olivia. The lack of long distance races coupled with an horrific injury toll over the past three years meant Mojo's title was hard coming. In his prime, Mojo was struck down with an infected dew claw that required removal. That meant his second season of running was over before it began. A year later, he unfortunately started showing signs of arthritis, which was unfortunately confirmed via X-Rays. A product of the infection and dew claw removal. His third season of running began late in the season not allowing him to run with Satinka when she obtained her title. He was however able to gain two legs towards his title in the last race of the 2004 season at the Canberra Sled Dog Classic.
At the Siberian XPress Sled Dog Sprint this year, Mojo ran his last leg and is now known as RuBIS Australian Champion Bordalaska Braveheart WTD.
Beyonce's Next
New running partner, Beyonce on Sunday completed her second leg toward her own Working Title. Beyonce will attempt to become the third Working Titled Dog at Icemile next weekend at the AMCNSW Inc. Working Certification Day.

* The AMCNSW Inc. Working Program is based on the AMCA Working Program.

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