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A damn fine day for swimmin' your Mal.
ISSUE 13: 24 January 2009
Keeping your Mally cool in the summer
Tips to help keep your Alaskan Malamute cool in the hot Aussie summer.

  1. Water, Water, Water - The single-most important ingredient in the summer. Be careful also to ensure the bucket of water is not easily knocked over. If you are not at home and your dog has decided to play in the water and accidently tipped it over, you may find a severely dehydrated dog when you return.
  2. Keep them quiet - Running around causes the dog to heat from the inside, and with the thick undercoat it is hard for the heat to expel.
  3. Provide Shade - If your dog can lie in the shade without too much activity it should stay cool. The undercoat also acts as a insulator against the heat.

    "A cool Mally stays cool if they don't produce too much heat from the inside"

  4. Exercise at night - It is still important for your dog to be exercised, otherwise it will become bored and destructive. Make sure you exercise in the cool of the night.
  5. Insulated Kennels - Insulation in the dog's kennel gives them a cool place to sleep.
  6. Inside the house - In Australia temperatures often reach 40șC and above. If you are fortunate to have air conditioning in your house, consider crating your dogs inside the house in the hotter parts of the day.

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